Waldemar A.S. Buczynski

 Australian, born Warsaw, Poland.

Graduated with a Master of Fine Arts Degree from
the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw (1974-1979).

1979 - Merit Award at the Graduation Exhibition  at the Lazienki Park, Warsaw. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%81azienki_Park

1980/April - Individual exhibition of paintings at the
International Club of Books and Magazines, Warsaw.

1980 - Scholarship  from the  Ministry of Culture and Arts, Warsaw.

1980/Nov - Individual exhibition of works  at the  Critics Gallery, Warsaw.

1981/Nov - Arrival in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1987 - First individual exhibition of paintings with Tolarno Galleries,
South Yarra, Victoria ( director : the late Mr. Gunter Morawski, known in Melbourne as Georges Mora ).

 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1988 - Finalist  for the  Sir John Sulman Prize Art Gallery of NSW , Sydney .

1991/Nov/Dec - Exhibition of drawings with "Cartoonists
for Amnesty"  Westpac Gallery, Melbourne.

1992 - Exhibition of  drawings  with Mr. Max Suich's "The Independent Monthly"  Sydney, NSW.

27th September 1992 - Painting at the Sothebys:   "Woman with a mirror"
 acrylic on canvas, 92 X 71 cm, lot 21, catalogue :  Modern and Contemporary Paintings,
Drawings, Sculptures and Prints,  Melbourne, Australia .

1993/March/April - Individual exhibition  of paintings with the "Australian Galleries"
Collingwood, Victoria ( director : the late Mrs. Anne Purves ).

1994 - Exhibiting a painting "Seated woman" during a "Christmas Exhibition 1994"- a selection of works from artists working with the founder of the "Australian Galleries" in Collingwood, Victoria - the late Mrs.Anne Purves.
Artists included: Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley, Graham Fransella, Charles Blackman and John Olsen.

1995/Oct/Nov - "Blue is the colour of your yellow hair" - individual exhibition
of  paintings, Perth, Western Australia.

 2005  - Work "Jacob's Dream II" exhibited at the group Exhibition at  "The Long Gallery" Hobart, Tasmania.


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